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An Old House
Chapter 2
By Rocketstar125

Samantha slowly awoke and noticed that she was still in the bed of the old house she decided to stay for the night.  She slowly got up and stretched her arms out wide.  The girl gazed around the room which was given decent light now that the sun just came up.  Looking at the window she saw that it was no longer raining which was a good sign.
“Lovely,” she said, “Now I can finally drive home.”
The girl got out of bed and was ready to put on her jeans when she started hearing footsteps.  Samantha gulped in horror as she heard them going up the steps.
“I have a feeling that this house isn’t abandoned,” she said.
With each step getting closer to the room she was in her regret of staying here grew.  She knew very well that she trespassed into the house and might go to jail because of it.  The very thought of being in jail and having to call her mother to bail her out zoomed by her head which made her worry to no end.  Samantha stayed as quiet as possible hoping that whoever made the steps would pass by the door and not enter the room.  The steps grew louder and louder and louder until they stopped at the door.  Samantha waited to see if they would continue again.  However the door swung wide opened which nearly scared Samantha to death.  Entering the room was a woman who looked just about the same age as her.  She had red, long hair, wore a purple shirt and skirt and wore long white socks that went to just below her knees with black shoes.  The woman also had B-Cup breasts and blue eyes.  She stopped and stared at Samantha for a second.
“What are you doing here?” the woman asked furiously, “Why are you in my house?”
“Your house?” Samantha spoke, “I…I…I…”
“I can’t believe it,” the woman cried, “I just came home after having to stay in a motel because of the rain to find some intruder in my room.  I got real suspicious when I spotted that black Corvette in the rain and now I know that I was right to be so.”
“I am sorry,” Samantha apologized, “I thought that this house was abandoned.”
“Abandoned,” the woman cried, “This house happens to be my summer home.  I was going to be in here yesterday when that deluge forced me to spend the night elsewhere.”
“P-please,” Samantha begged, “I was driving home when the rain got worse.  It was too dangerous to continue so I had no choice but to spend the night here.”
The woman glared at Samantha, looking more and more unpleased.
“You’re not going to call the cops on me, aren’t you?” Samantha asked.
“Maybe I should,” the woman threatened.
“Please don’t,” Samantha begged, “I promise that I will never set foot in here ever again.  Just please take pity on this young woman.”
The woman let out a sigh and said, “Well, since the rain was really bad last night I guess you had no other choice.  Guess I’ll let it slide this time”
“Thank you,” Samantha said.
“Just get dressed and be on your way,” the woman said.
The woman left the room and Samantha got up and grabbed her jeans.  After putting them on she put on her shoes and left the room of the house’s owner.  Samantha felt very relieved that she wasn’t going to get arrested for what she did. As she walked down she noticed that the owner was waddling a bit as she walked.  Samantha shrugged it off as a weird walking pattern and arrived at the front door in the foyer.
“Listen,” the woman spoke, “I felt bad for scolding you up there.”
“Don’t be,” Samantha said, “I was sleeping in another person’s house uninvited and I should have known better than that.”
“Still, you had no other alternative,” the woman said, “The rain made it far too dangerous for you to drive on the road.  As my way of saying sorry I want to make you breakfast before you go.”
Samantha thought about it and she did felt a big hungry.  After not eating anything since she left her mother yesterday she heard her stomach growl.
“Well, some breakfast does sound nice,” Samantha said.
“Wonderful,” the woman said, “And by the way, my name is Melanie.”
“My name is Samantha,” she introduced herself, extending her hand towards the owner.
They both shook hands and Melanie escorted her new friend into the dining room for breakfast.


Samantha was having eggs and bacon while Melanie was eating pancakes with maple syrup.
“These are really good,” Samantha said.
“Thank you,” Melanie replied, “Had gotten those hours before I came in here.”
“So, where are you from?” Samantha asked.
“I am from Boise,” Melanie explained, “I only come here during the summer.”
“Ah,” Samantha spoke, finishing her plate.
Melanie finished her plate as well and took hers and Samantha’s to the kitchen.  She place them into the sink and began washing them.  Samantha followed her new friend into the room.
“So, where do you live?” Melanie asked.
“Just up the road,” Samantha said, “But my house is nowhere near as nice as yours, though.”
“I’m sure it’s nice, though,” Melanie said, “I would love to see it sometimes.”
“You mean it?” Samantha asked.
“I do, I hardly get any visitors around here,” Melanie explained.
“Well I would love it if you visited me sometime,” Samantha said.
“That would sound lovely,” Melanie said.
“I better get going, though,” Samantha said, “But I would love to come here again.”
“Well feel free to drop by anytime,” Melanie replied with a cheer, “And I’ll give you a call sometimes.”
“Okay then, I’ll see you later,” Samantha said with a bow.
Samantha left the kitchen and arrived at the foyer.  Going through the front door she saw that the ground was riddle with water drops from last night’s storm.  She looked ahead and saw her black Corvette, now accompanied by a silver Volkswagen which she assumed belonged to Melanie.  She walked all the way towards her car and grabbed the handle of the door when she realized something.
“If she wants to call me I better give her my phone number,” Samantha said to herself.
The girl turned back around and re-entered the house and looked around.
“Melanie?” Samantha called.
She didn’t answer so Samantha went upstairs hoping to catch her friend in her room.  Upon entering the second floor she noticed that the door that led to the nursery she saw last night was now closed.  The girl always wondered why such a thing would be there.  Was she expecting for was it a nursery for her when she was a baby?  Sounds of rustling could be heard coming from inside so Samantha placed her ear onto the door.
“That’s much better,” Melanie said from the other side.
“She must be in there,” Samantha thought to herself.
She grabbed the doorknob and opened the door.
“Hey, Melanie, I forgot to go give your phone…,” Samantha said, stopping to see Melanie with her skirt off and laying on the floor.
However, that wasn’t all Samantha was seeing as Melanie was wearing a white diaper as well.  Melanie was blushing furiously, not speaking a word.
“I guess this is a bad time, then?” Samantha asked, feeling a bit awkward.
Still a bit short like the last chapter but at least I am still working on it.  I was just a bit busy with real life and all.  I promise the next one will be a longer, though.
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